#8 Social Justice & Desire | with Cara Addleman

March 09, 2023 Wadham College, University of Oxford Season 1 Episode 8
#8 Social Justice & Desire | with Cara Addleman
Show Notes

What does it take for us to be free people? How should we think about our desires when those desires are formed by oppressive social structures? Cara Addleman, a third-year Wadham student studying Philosophy, Politics & Economics won the College's Cheney Prize for her essay addressing these questions.

We discuss the ideas and themes of her essay, explore her own doubts about her conclusions, and have a friendly philosophical back-and-forth. 

 Do note that the episode contains some references to sexual assault and abuse. 

You can contact Cara at cara@wadham.ox.ac.uk or in her capacity as a SU Women's Officer at su.women@wadham.ox.ac.uk

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